About Us

Thronmax has a history of audio engineering that began in 2009, turning a passion into making the very best microphones for the streaming and broadcasting industries.

After being disappointed by the lack of features in existing mics and experiencing the high quality of many speakers and cameras, it led us to question why people don’t place the importance of video and audio recording on the same level. That was the moment the Thronmax story started.

Our ambition led us to create the best designs by carefully crafting all the details, and our vision led us to innovate unique features such as noise reduction “Vertigain® Technology” found in our flagship microphone – The Mdrill One.

Thronmax microphones are built for multiple applications and serve many types of users including musicians, streamers, gamers, podcasters, youtubers, business professionals and anyone else requiring high-quality, professional-grade recording.

All our products are meticulously designed and engineered in Sweden. We continue working towards ensuring Thronmax sets the worldwide industry standard for high-class microphones and microphones accessories.

Within the UK, brand development and distribution of the Thronmax range of products is managed by TrueTech Distribution. If you are interested in stocking the Thronmax range, or have an interesting project that could incorporate these, we’d love to hear from you.